Are You Having Trouble Sticking to Your Resolutions? These 3 Podcasts May Help!

January 29, 2018

Everyone goes into the new year excited about their New Year's resolutions, but how many people actually stick with them? If you're feeling like you might not make it all the way through the year, these inspiring podcasts may be just the things to keep you on track and accountable — no matter how large or small your resolution may be.

  • Millennial Money. Did you resolve to save money or get out of debt in 2018? If so, this podcast has you covered with smart, modern advice about financial issues. You'll learn all there is to know about investing, personal finance, "side hustles" and even buying a house, all in a fun and relatable way.
  • Don't Keep Your Day Job. If you resolved to pursue your dreams in 2018, then you'll love this podcast that's all about turning your passion into a career. Whether you want to start your own business or start selling your own art, this podcast can help you get with the basics.
  • The Nutrition Diva. Having a hard time sticking to your resolution to eat healthier? This podcast, hosted by a registered dietitian, can help you to hack your eating plan by showing you the ins and outs of nutrition, simple, healthy recipe ideas and the truth about so-called nutrition "facts".
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